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0016889ScribusImport / Exportpublic2023-05-29 18:56
Reporterzacl Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformpcOSwin 10 
Product Version1.5.8 
Fixed in Version1.6.0.svn 
Summary0016889: Inline image disappears when two sla containing ones are merged
DescriptionI have two sla that contain inline image coming from the same png file (same path).
Inline image disapear in the last imported page when :
- I import both page in another new one
- import one page in another
Steps To ReproduceA - Create sla 1 with inline image
B - Create sla 2 with inline image (same image as sla 1)

C - import 1 in 2 => result E (Page/Import/Create Page / before 1)
D - create 3 and import 2 then 1 => result E

=> E - inline image disapear in page imported from 1
Additional InformationIf I copy a sla with inline image and I try to import it two time in another it works.

From sla point of view during the import it seems that :
- WORKS : "FRAMEOBJECT" with same "PFILE" and same "InID" = double import of same sla or copied sla same inline image (same path, same ID)
- FAIL : "FRAMEOBJECT" with same "PFILE" and different "InID" = import of two different unrelated sla with same image (same path) and different inline image (different ID)

The final sla with imported pages has only one "FRAMEOBJECT" in the end.
Maybe during the import the "PFILE" is checked and if diffrent ID imported FRAMEOBJECT disapear?
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