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0016892ScribusShape Drawingpublic2023-01-12 10:16
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Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016892: Make Copy Item Properties tool able to clone the shape of elements
DescriptionMake Copy Item Properties tool able to clone the shape and no only background/stroke color and stroke line

Thank you
Steps To ReproduceCreate two random different shapes or text frames
Select the second
Use the Copy Item Properties and touch the first shape
Expect the second to take the shape of the first

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2023-01-11 21:43

developer   ~0049883

Last edited: 2023-01-12 10:16

There are so many different attributes that one might wish to copy and paste ... some times,
and other attributes, some other times.
A fixed set of attributes will never fit all situations.
And beside, it's not clear what is copied and what isnt. AMOF I never know.

A fixed user config (in the parameters) would maybe improve that or at least document it lol. « Choose what the "copy style tool" copies »
But is that an application wide choice ?
I feel it's not : it depends on use cases, and it will vary inside a same document.
So it needs a local choice each time one wishes to use the tool.
Optionaly add a dialog featuring a list of sets of attributes so as to choose what to copy ?
Lets imagine :
CLICK on the button applies standard choices (or previous selection),
and SHIFT CLICK on the button first asks what attributes should be copied.


2023-01-12 07:50

manager   ~0049884

and what about a way to bookmark that complex selection of properties?

... we could name that a "frame style"...

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