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0016908ScribusUsabilitypublic2023-04-14 17:08
ReporterFemmesoleNZ Assigned Tojghali  
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OSWindows 11 ProOS Version22621.1105 
Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0016908: Seems unable to handle document size.
DescriptionUsing Family History database (Legacy) to produce pdf files; converting each pdf to single page eps file to import into Scribus. Completed book about 650 pp. Finished pdf will be about 25 -30 MB. While initially seeming to handle, Scribus became very slow loading and eventually stuck every time at 99%. Repeated all work; this time converting pdf to single page png, however found final output as pdf not as good as pdf from eps files. Started again using eps files however am already finding Scribus is slowing down again during use. Image preview turned off.

PC is Intel NUC i7 with 16 GB RAM and no hardware issues. Opening Task Manager shows memory use no more than 25%.
Steps To ReproduceAs above.
Additional InformationCan anyone please tell me if I am expecting too much from the programme? Any other suggestions? Publishing end of March. Solution now becoming fairly urgent.
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2023-02-06 07:53

administrator   ~0049998

>> Completed book about 650 pp
>> Can anyone please tell me if I am expecting too much from the programme?

Yes, you are expecting too much. Even with Adobe InDesign, professionals never produce documents that large. They split their work in several documents.
Given your description, I am even not sure why you are using Scribus for this work. For concatenating PDFs, there are tools such as PDFtk which are more suited for this task.


2023-02-07 19:33

reporter   ~0049999

Thank you very much for that clear reply. I have used Scribus for some time and decided to use it for this project after much consideration about alternatives. It's a bit more than 'concatenating pdfs', which I do all the time. I have not found another cost effective, great to use programme, to produce the high quality work I want. I agree it's a out of the ordinary. I did have 32GB RAM, (made a mistake in saying 16GB) and have now upgraded to 64GB. Will see how it goes. Forever learning!


2023-04-09 03:55

reporter   ~0050105

I have now published the book I was compiling. By upgrading the RAM and updating my version of Scribus, I was able to produce a print ready pdf of 674 pages. I would not have that many leaves in a future book as it did stretch the printing company as well. However just wanted to let you know and to say thank you. Your programme is great and I have recommended it in an article I am writing about the book.


2023-04-14 17:08

administrator   ~0050112

>> I would not have that many leaves in a future book as it did stretch the printing company as well.

I'm not astonished. As I wrote it, professionals usually split the work for such big book into several files.
Anyway thanks for the information, I am going to close this issue.

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