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0016909ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2023-02-13 13:27
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Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016909: SCRIBUS file manager cannot locate my external flash drives to get images from
DescriptionWhen I'm using SCRIBUS to pull in images for image frames, SCRIBUS cannot find my external flash drives directly. I have to go into /media/jason/9145-28A53 to get my images. Everything is fine except a couple days later I opened my SCRIBUS document and it could find the images from that location again. I have to go back into /media/jason/9145-28A53 and re-select each image from each sub directory to put them back into the document. Everything else seems to be fine with SCRIBUS except the file manager.
Steps To Reproducecreate an image frame in a document
get the image for the frame by accessing an external flash drive on the USB
save the document
shutdown and reboot the computer
open the document again
Additional InformationI know i've seen this issue before with other software, it just has something to do with the coding of the file manager in the software.
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2023-02-13 13:27

administrator   ~0050000

Scribus uses Qt's file APIs to access files on disk, so I don't think our code is the issue here. What I suspect is that the underlying path has actually changed, or there is another path that Scribus is using vs that one. Please check with command line mount commands to verify the mount points and file system links are the same.

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