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0016914ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2023-03-19 00:09
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Summary0016914: store the harfbuzz version in the .sla files
Descriptionfrom previous discussions, i have the feeling that in the future, scribus users will face layout "disruptions" due to updates of harfbuzz.

if this is is correct, it could be wise to store the harfbuzz version in the .sla file.

if scribus detects a (significant) difference between the version mentioned in the .sla file and the current version, it should warn the user that changes in the text layout might happen (and possibly start the preflight verifier?).

as a further enhancement, we might build a set of sla files with their pdf outputs that can be compared (image diff) to detect changes in the layout and compile a list of versions changes that actually break the layout.
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2023-03-17 22:52

administrator   ~0050035

Yes, reasonable ideas. Harfbuzz changes a lot without our control.


2023-03-19 00:09

administrator   ~0050039

icu can also be responsible of layout differences as we now use its functionalities to determine line break possibilities.

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