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0016969Scribus-public2023-07-01 01:43
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Summary0016969: Inconsistent line endings of source text files
DescriptionWhen checked out on macOS, some text files in the svn repository have CRLF line endings while others have LF line endings. For example, 25% of the .cpp and .h files have CRLF line endings while 75% have LF line endings:

% find . -name '*.cpp' -or -name '*.h'|xargs file|grep CRLF|wc -l
% find . -name '*.cpp' -or -name '*.h'|xargs file|grep -v CRLF|wc -l

Some files even have a combination of line ending styles, varying by line, like the TRANSLATION file.

It looks like you're employing the svn:eol-style property set to "native" on many files (along with svn:keywords set to "Author Date Id Revision") so I suggest setting these properties on the remaining text files that don't have them, so that the inconsistent line endings are fixed and cannot recur in these files in the future.

You can also set up svn:auto-props so that these properties are automatically applied to new files.
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