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0016994ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-08-29 19:24
Reporterale Assigned Tonitramr  
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0016994: Make it easy to hide and show single docked areas
Description- There should be a button for hiding and showing them
- I would love to have a way to show and hide them with the keyboard (action search? dedicated shortcuts? a shortcut that shows a dialog that can be controlled (also) with keyboard?)
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2023-08-13 17:36

developer   ~0050303

Hi ale,

By dock areas do you mean the container in which individual palettes (docks) are grouped?
I think to control such dock area visibility via shortcuts is not as easy. Because depending on how you group single palettes, you destroy the parent container or create new ones at runtime.

The new AdvancesDockingSystem provides a close button for the whole dock area. It is just disabled in the current implementation. Another nice feature is the auto hide function of palettes. If you hover over a tab, the palette is visible.

Or do you mean shortcuts for each single palette, like pressing F3 to show and hide the content property palette?


2023-08-13 19:09

manager   ~0050304

Last edited: 2023-08-13 19:36

if you want to see what i mean, you can take scribus 1.5.x and open a few palettes, docked and not, and press F12.

in gimp it's the tab key

in inkscape it's also F12

currently, in scribus i'm intensively using F2 and F3 and make sure that there is not more than one palette docked on the right side.
that's fine for me.
but if the goal is to have more palette docked, i think it should also be easy to get them out of the way.
with a keyboard shortcut, of course : - )

in scribus 1.7 -- right now -- F12 hides all open palettes (and shows them again), but the docked area does not get hidden... that's not really useful.

collapsing all open palettes to the vertical buttons in the way you are showing would be a good alternative to completely hiding them. but it should also be possible to restore the previous "layout".


2023-08-13 20:03

developer   ~0050305

Ah ok, it is a bug then. I was not aware of the F12 key to hide all palettes. I will fix it.


2023-08-29 06:50

administrator   ~0050332

Resolved in r25618


2023-08-29 17:51

developer   ~0050334

My mistake. The patch I sent fixes the issue of this ticket
I reopened this one here.

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