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0016996ScribusUsabilitypublic2023-08-14 16:45
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Product Version1.5.9.svn 
Summary0016996: New (Linear) Gradients are Black-to-Black (effectively solid)
DescriptionWhen adding a new shape, and switching to a Linear gradient (via Properties/Colors), I get a solid black background.

The newly added gradient, is a black-to-black gradient, while technically a gradient, effectively solid, which may confuse users.

Recommended behavior: When a user switches from a default solid fill to a gradient, generate the previously selected color to white gradient.
Example: So if the solid fill was previously set to red, then generate a red (or if unable to determine, fall through to black) to white gradient.

Also, new linear gradients are by default graduated across the horizontal axis, which to me seems like the least common use-case, I have a suspicion gradients across the vertical axis are more commonly used, therefore I think this probably be the default direction for newly created linear gradients.

I've tried digging into the code, but wasn't successful so far.
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2023-08-14 16:45

reporter   ~0050310

If someone could point me to where a new Linear Gradient's parameter are initialized, I might be able to work out a patch...

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