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0017003ScribusInternalpublic2023-09-04 19:26
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017003: when creating a shape, void ColorPalette::setCurrentItem(PageItem* item) is called twice
Descriptioni've added "qDebug() << "setup" << item->itemName();" inside of the function and it gets called twice with the same itemName() when creating a shape.

then, it gets called twice when i change the "fill mode " in the "Fill" tab.
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2023-09-04 19:26

developer   ~0050339

It doesn't affect only the color palette, it happens for all palettes that set a PageItem.

Almost all palettes using two functions to set a PageItem "setCurrentItem(PageItem*)" and "handleSelectionChanged()".

I could figure out that the ScribusDoc::changed() is called twice. Because of that, the connected slots set the PageItem via handleSelectionChanged() again.
connect(m_doc->m_Selection, SIGNAL(selectionChanged()), this, SLOT(handleSelectionChanged()));
connect(m_doc, SIGNAL(docChanged()), this, SLOT(handleSelectionChanged()));

At the moment I could not figure out why docChanged() is emitted twice.

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