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Summary0017009: Import of Inkscape SVG pages
Description## Background

First time mentioned in

> Yesterday, I was approaching the Pages Tool for a Business Card creation, so I had to convert everything to paths and so to make CMYK colors in Scribus...
> The problem: Scribus doesn'nt recognize Inkscape pages.
> Is there a way to make this possible or is up to Scribus to do this?
> By the way, an Scribus project can't be saved as .svg so I think this could only be unidirectional.

So doctormo, the creator of the Pages Tool at Inkscape replied:

> It's entirely up to scribus, and our pages format isn't a standard (yet) although I did a talk at penpotfest about this kind of cross-software editable-svg standard.

## Details

Inkscape 1.2.0 introduced the Pages Tool, a new tool able to create and manage pages inside the SVG file format. This is an Inkscape-specific feature that allows us to organize our work and export to PDF format in ways never seen before.

It would be a game-changer if we could only open the .svg file in Scribus and all pages got recognized automatically, so we can proceed with the conversion of color and finally exporting to a multipage PDF seamlessly.
Additional InformationEdit this issue if necessary. I don't truly understand this bug tracking system.
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2023-09-04 02:29

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2023-09-04 20:17

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@datalot please can you describe how you imagine the import behavior?

Option 1: Scribus creates new pages based on the Inkscape pages with the imported graphics
Option 2: Scribus imports only all graphics from Inkscape pages. For example, there is a duck on page one and a cat on page two. Scribus would import both illustrations as two separate items.
Option 3: Scribus displays a dialog that allows a user to select a page's graphic to import
Option 4: ...

I looked at the Inkscape files with more than one page. It turns out that the entire file is still just one scalable vector graphic, but each page acts as a simple clipping rectangle. We would need to loop through all the elements and check if the bounding box is within the area of a page rectangle to correctly import all elements pagewise.


2023-09-04 20:51

reporter   ~0050341

Option 1 is straightforward.

Regarding your last paragraph, I invite you to join the UX Channel and/or the Developers Channel at to ask @doctormo or another dev who can answer a better response than me.


2023-09-04 21:59

reporter   ~0050342

@nitramr In advance, @doctormo said: For the new PDF exporter, I'm writing an annotation action which will tell my exporter what page the object appears on. This should help making decisions about the graphics, for now my code does what the scribus dev is saying: it loops through all the objects and decides which page to put it on.


2024-01-09 18:09

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Any progress here @datalot ?

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