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0017023ScribusTranslationpublic2023-10-08 17:49
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PlatformDesktop PCOSUbuntuOS Version23.04 64-bit
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0017023: Strange placeholder/suffix for strings in ts file on Transifex
DescriptionI found a strange suffix for some strings in a translation file on Transifex. This suffix has no meaning and is visible in translations when I keep it. To fix the translation, I would not add this placeholder thingy in the translated string, but it should not be there in source string.

String on Transifex (String ID 5432):
+tracking %1 {1?}

String in source code ../../scribus/styles/charstyle.cpp:227:
result += ((tracking() > 0 ? QObject::tr("+tracking %1").arg(tracking()) : QObject::tr("-tracking")) + " ");
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2023-10-08 17:49


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