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0017024ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2023-10-08 20:11
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017024: in a new frame, "Insert > Glyph" does not use the selected font
Description- create a new frame with the default font (in my case "DejaVu Sans")
- set the font as "Noto Emoji" for the whole frame
- get into text insert mode
- open the "insert > glyph" dialog
- search for "1F4E7"
- accept the "email" glyph and close the search dialog
- it still shows a "missing glyph" and if you click on the glyph it says "DejaVu Sans Book"
- double click on the "missing glyph" square
- a "missing glyph" square get inserted in the frame and the next character that get typed are in "DejaVu Sans" instead of "Noto Emoji"

The "trick" is to

- Create the frame
- Change the font for the whole frame
- Deselect the frame
- Select again the frame
- Get into insert mode
- and so on...

This time the right glyph is shown in "Insert > Glyph" and then also it's the correct glyph in the frame.
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2023-10-08 20:11 ale New Issue
2023-10-08 20:11 ale Summary "Insert > Glyph" does not use the selected font in a new frame => in a new frame, "Insert > Glyph" does not use the selected font