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0017044ScribusWebsitepublic2023-12-20 19:13
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Summary0017044: Show current version(s) on website homepage
DescriptionThere is no easy/quick way to determine the latest stable or development versions of Scribus from the homepage.

Context: Periodically I check the Scribus website for an updated version. With the beautiful new website design (much better!), the current version is no longer displayed on the homepage. I must click through to the Downloads to compare the version numbers in the links with the version in my installation. Even the section headings say "1.5.x" instead of "1.5.8".

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2023-12-20 17:06

reporter   ~0050649

If there is a script that auto-updates the website download page[1], can it also update 1.4.x and 1.5.x version placeholders ?

Screenshot_20231220_120429.png (26,932 bytes)   
Screenshot_20231220_120429.png (26,932 bytes)   


2023-12-20 17:07

reporter   ~0050650

An aside, nighty build links would be nice here as well (of course with cautionary message)


2023-12-20 19:13

administrator   ~0050656

Nothing is automated for this however the website will be updated when we release 1.6.0

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