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0017054ScribusImport / Exportpublic2023-11-21 13:10
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Summary0017054: Output one page for each page could be multithreaded
DescriptionExporting to pdf allows explicitly saving one file per page (by default it would save everything to one file). But exporting images could also benefit from this.
Pages are exported sequentially. In my case, exporting a 40 pages document takes around 90 second in a single file or 120 in multiple files.

The idea came from the post process I do which is calling image magick to split images to fit Webtoon's required dimensions.
When I multithread my magick calls, I split my conversion time in 6 so I thought "what if I could also multithread the original pdf generation from scribus". If I can do it by watching the output directory (with something like and directly call conversion on each new pdf file, I would have nearly instant exports instead of several minutes grinding every time I update my output.
Since I do a lot of exporting | correcting | exporting, the faster I go the better I feel.

More about my workflow:
Webtoon displays comics as long strips or scrolls. They require images to be 800x1200px slices. Each image is on its own page, and each page is a different height but for the same width. So sometimes one image is one slice, sometimes it can be several slices.
When I save/export pages from scribus, I can't do such slicing, so I do it afterward with image magick.

Steps To ReproduceExport a multipage document to images or to a pdf while checking the "Output one file for each page" box.
Pages are exported sequentially.


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