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0017082ScribusGeneralpublic2024-01-29 16:34
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017082: list the config files in use
Descriptionit would be nice to have in the UI a list of the paths to the config files used by scribus.

it could also be a command line switch, but i think i'd prefer it to have it in a place like the about dialog.

an alternative would be, to let the user optionally start scribus with fresh configs (which will not be saved at the end of the session).
something like pressing shift while scribus is loading.

then it would be not so important to have the list of paths in the UI, but it still might be interesting to have a way to see them.
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2023-12-19 15:29

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2024-01-29 16:34

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The About dialog location would be ideal

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