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0017098ScribusCanvaspublic2023-12-30 14:55
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Summary0017098: Page Resize: Add New Real Estate Equally Around Page
DescriptionCurrently when resizing an existing page, the content on that page, stays the same in an absolute sense... But in a relative sense it's actually getting moved, as everything moves off center, while new real estate is added to the right and bottom.

This is somewhat consistent with how some other applications works as well, but it's not ideal.
Steps To ReproduceFile - New - Size: Letter - OK
Draw a square shape that covers most of the page
Align and Distribute, center on page
Page - Manage Page Properties - Size: Custom - Increase Width and Height by for example 2inches

The shape is no longer centered on the page
Additional InformationThe logic would be something along these lines:

offset_x = (new_page_width - old_page_width) / 2
offset_y = (new_page_height - new_page_height) / 2

for object in objects(this_page)
  location_x += offset_x
  location_y += offset_y

For master pages it would be a little more complicated I guess.
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