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0017134ScribusUser Interfacepublic2024-02-01 14:49
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Summary0017134: remove the expanding / collapsing of the style manager
Descriptionsince it's not possible (nor planned) to use the style manager to apply styles, i don't see the interest on having a collapsed view.

the code managing it is rather complex and the benefit is small or even negative (personally, i feel that the need to expand the view is only a useless extra task to be done each time the style manager is first opened)

i guess that the only use case where the dialog is of some use in its collapsed state is when importing styles.
but i don't think that the dialog being already expanded will bother anybody.
(another one, would be to make the dialog smaller and check the changes applied in the text behind it... but in that case pressing F4 is much more effective, since it does not lose the context in the style manager)

if jean and craig agree, i can work on a patch.
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related to 0009786 confirmed Style manager always opens to the right 
related to 0016884 new Style Manager UI resizing 



2024-01-20 09:43

manager   ~0050914

p.s.: there are lot of bugs that have been submitted over the years for the positioning of the collapsed / expanded style manager.

and there is even already a patch by pmjdebruijn that -- among other things -- removes the expanding / collapsing that has been sitting around for a year now.


2024-01-20 13:38

administrator   ~0050915

>> since it's not possible (nor planned) to use the style manager to apply styles

Uh!? Right-click a style on left pane > Apply


2024-01-20 15:25

manager   ~0050916


in the same dialog, do we really have an "Apply" button that saves the current changes but does not apply the style to the current text, and an "Apply" command hidden in the context menu that applies to the current text but does not save the current changes?

i have to admit that i've never noticed the command in the context menu and i wonder if anybody every used it!
even when knowing about, i'm really not sure that anybody will prefer it, to using the palettes for it.

this morning i've spent a couple of hours trying to understand how the click on a style name in the list leads to the style properties being loaded on the right side.
with no luck.
but i've noticed that the expansion mechanism and the context menu build upon some rather complex bits of code. both seem to be of very little (if any) use to the users.

so, yes, i still would like to suggest the remove of the expansion mechanism and also try to suggest the removal of the context menu (and moving the apply in there close to the apply button... while fixing the naming conflict).

this way the style manager could slowly become easier to read and the user will have a better dialog.

p.s.: i still could need a hint: where is the slot triggered by selecting the style in the list to show its details in the right pane?


2024-02-01 14:49

manager   ~0050958

oufh, i'm a bit relieved...

the "apply" context menu seems to be doing nothing at all.

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