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0017145ScribusCanvaspublic2024-01-27 13:56
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Product Version1.6.2.svn 
Summary0017145: Adjust Frame Height To Text / Text Frame Overflow Detection Interaction
DescriptionSee screenshot (font used is Roboto Condensed Bold, but probably doesn't matter).

[1] When a Text Frame has no characters with descenders, the Adjust Frame Height To Text feature, sizes the frame to exactly match the text, without leaving room for future descenders on the same line. While one could argue, whether or not this is ideal or not, that will be very much a matter of preference. This behavior is noteworthy, but not a bug.

[2] However, the Text Frame Overflow Detection then seems to think the frame is overflown because there's no room for descenders (of which there currently aren't any). This seems like a bug.

Steps To ReproduceAdd a text frame, insert some text which don't feature any descenders (all caps in most fonts should work)
Right click, Adjust Frame Height To Text
Notice the text dissappearing into a overflow state
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2024-01-27 13:56


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