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0017177ScribusWebsitepublic2024-04-25 03:24
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Summary0017177: where is svn ?
Descriptionissues : site doesnt provide a visible link to the source repo. The "Contribute" page states "Check out Scribus code from Scribus Subversion repository and start hacking" but doesnt give a link to the svn repo. is a dead end.

todo : should be fixed
(or maybe url has changed ?)

The "Contribute" page should provide a link to the svn repo.

Additional Information mentions svn://

but isnt there any http readable websvn repo anymore ?
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2024-03-15 21:44

manager   ~0051042

Last edited: 2024-03-16 07:59

i'm not sure that there is still a need for a websvn.

in the last few years, i've only seen one person completely lost, who did not know how to handle svn... and was relieved to learn that he could just use the git mirror.
all the other could easily find one of the mirrors by themselves!
and the mirrors have a very advanced webview! (online IDE included!)

the world has moved on, most of the younger generation do not even know, that there could be something else than git...


2024-03-17 20:22

administrator   ~0051049

WebSVN is down due to load on the servers. Too many web crawlers trying to crawl SVN forever slowing down the main sites.


2024-03-18 14:26

developer   ~0051050

I've noticed has been quite slow recently... so i can understand the need to bring websvn down, all the more since as @ale says, github and gitlab repo are correct alternatives.

Then remains 2 issues :
- citing url on the "contribute" page
- linking to some public git repo that enables web browsing on the "contribute page" with the warning that it doesnt accepts PRs... and explaining how to PR or linking to explanations on how to contribute


2024-03-18 17:16

developer   ~0051051

I know we've already discussed moving to GitHub, GitLab, or another service. I remember there was some concern about the legal aspects of hosting in a non-European data center.

In general, I think it might be a good idea to outsource the hosting of the code so that we have more capacity to focus on Scribus development. If there are plans to use a Git-based system to host data in Europe, we could check
They could take care of infrastructure maintenance. I guess they have some bot / crawler protection too.

But, as with everything, you have to find someone to set up the service. Unfortunately, I lack the expertise for this.


2024-03-20 15:57

manager   ~0051054

Last edited: 2024-03-20 15:58

tldr: an official and an offiical mirror on github/gitlab/...
svn (if needs to survive) would be only private


as far as i know there are two people who currently commit to svn.
one is willing to switch to git, the other one (the last time i asked) is (was) not.

my suggestion:

- there should be .

- it seems to be rather easy to serve a git repository:
  here are two random tutorials (one of them being the official one):

- should be the official scribus git repository.
  i don't think scribus need to keep a public svn repository.
  so it probably should be the officioal scribus repository.

- as long as the two developers with commit rights want to use svn, they should sync svn with the git repository each time they make a commit
  (it's basically the same script as i'm using for syncing the scribus svn with github: it's painless)

- one of the existing providers should be picked as the *official mirror* (for the sake of being visible, it should be github; personally, i would go for gitlab) and kept in sync with the official git server at each commit (that is also being done with the script mentioned above).

- it would be a dream if we could find a way to accept pull requests and do code reviews on the "git platform"
  (i don't think it's possible as long as svn is the pipe... there might be ways everybody uses git).

i'm not really hot about installing a git platform (gitlab, gitea or similar) on the ... since it would mean more admin work and a bigger attack surface for the server. ... even if that would be the best solution in a perfect world)


2024-03-20 16:56

manager   ~0051055

Last edited: 2024-03-20 17:01

it seems that with gitlab (and probably also github) it is possible to accept a merge request into a new branch and then pull that one into the main code:

(the question is about gitlab to github, but it should be possible for any mirrored git repository; it will probaly also work with svn with a bit of effort (downloading the diff as a file and applying to to svn)... but the name of the contributor will be lost)

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