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0017190ScribusPDFpublic2024-04-05 07:36
Reportericonberg Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0017190: Import PDF
DescriptionLinebreaks are lost by PDF-Import with import Text as Text.
(I know there is the note that importing text as text will alter the visual aspect,
but the linebreaks should be working within the same textframe.)
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new file in scribus.
Insert a Textframe.
Write some lines of text.
Save as pdf.

Open the saved pdf.
Check import Text as Text.

-> Linebreaks are lost.
Additional InformationIt would be good with linebreaks,
the frame contains still the 3 lines even it is sized to small.

Scribus version:
Scribus Version 1.6.1
Build ID: C--T-*-C1.18.0-Windows-64bit
Built: 7 January 2024
Companion Programs:
Ghostscript: No Ghostscript version available
cairo: 1.18.0
Harfbuzz: 8.3.0
littlecms: 2150
podofo: 0.9.8
poppler: 24.01.0
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2024-04-05 07:36


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