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0017194ScribusMaster Pagespublic2024-04-10 08:53
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Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0017194: 1.6.1 - text frame outside the page on the master page is not visible on "mastered"-page
DescriptionI created a master page with a text frame, in fact, a comment for a user, which is located outside of the page.
The text frame is not visible in the normal page which got applied as master page.

This is annoying since the text frame holds an information for the user what to edit in normal page.

(Of course, if would be much better to use a real comment item but such a thing does not exist.)
Steps To Reproduce- a master page - create a text frame outside of the page as a comment for a user
- normal page based on the maste page

- on the normal page, the text frame is NOT visible
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