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0017203ScribusGeneralpublic2024-04-17 16:23
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Summary0017203: "document setup > page size" does not set the page size for the future pages in the document
Descriptionwhile creating the scripter API for querying and setting the page size, i faced a "funny" problem:

the page size in the document setup does not set the size for the pages created after the change.

the page size of the master page wins.

of course, one can check the boxes for applying the the changes to all pages and to all master pages, but that's not the same.

this is somehow consistent in itself, and new master pages will have the new document page size by default and when you create pages with those master pages you will get the expected page size.
but i don't think anybody will understand that or even find it a good workflow.

since people already find hard enough to understand the difference between the preferences and the document setup, i want to suggest to remove the page size related fields from the document setup.
it's something that is probably hardly used anyway.

i'm not sure if the document settings should show the page size at all, since this is not a value that really exist in a scribus document.
(when nothing is selected, i still "dream" of seeing page related information and buttons in the content palette...)

on the other side, we could move to "page > manage page properties" the checkboxes for applying the page size to the master pages and all pages.

there should also be a way to set the default (left and right) normal pages.

personally, i will for sure miss the page size fields in the document settings, but i don't see how we can get a behavior that is both consistent and understandable for the user.
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