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0017211ScribusUser Interfacepublic2024-05-06 08:48
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PlatformWindowsOS64 bitOS Version10
Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0017211: Items placed too far off page can't be scrolled to
DescriptionIf you place items (eg a couple text boxes) off a page, the scroll bars will not let you scroll to the item -- they stop at the edge of the page. They can only be seen by either zooming out (which makes the items difficult to work with), or selecting them in the Outline window.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a text box. Click and drag it off the side of the page into "void" area. Zoom out, then back into the page. At 100% zoom, you should be unable to use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll over to the item you just moved.
Additional InformationWhen I'm doing larger layouts, sometimes I'll use off-page space to add/edit/reformat items before placing them back on to the page.

I would like to see at least the arrow portion of the scroll bars allow the user to scroll off the edge of the page, and either by dragging the scroll bar or clicking in the "scroll bar space" (the scroll bar track?) the length of the scroll bar would reset to the default for that zoom level.

I discovered the problem in 1.4.7 (IIRC), installed 1.6.1, problem still exists.
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has duplicate 0009022 confirmed Scrollbar jumps to a strange position 



2024-05-05 12:56

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Last edited: 2024-05-05 12:56

Unable to reproduce here.


2024-05-05 16:43

reporter   ~0051138

The bug no longer presents on my original document and I was unable to reproduce on a new document.

Willing to close this ticket, but perhaps change "Reproducibility" to "occasionally" or similar.

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