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0017220ScribusProperties Palettepublic2024-05-21 05:53
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0017220: Setting Gradient vectors on whole selection
DescriptionSetting gradient vectors through the "Gradient Vector" dialog (Opened by the "Move Vector" button) will only set the vector for the first item in the selection so if multiple objects are selected, the others will not be set properly.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a Text Frame with some text.
Convert the Text Frame to Outlines using "Item" -> "Convert To" -> "Outlines".
Ungroup the Outlines.
Under "Colors" in the Properties panel, set "Fill Mode" to Gradient and assign a color.
Press the "Move Vector" button and change any value in the "Gradient Vector" dialog.
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child of 0016173 new Metabug: apply formatting to multiple items at once (groups and selections) 



2024-05-17 13:59

manager   ~0051157

after having converted the text to outlines, you need to ungroup the result and combine it (it's in "item > path thools") and apply the gradient to it.
gradient.png (35,816 bytes)   
gradient.png (35,816 bytes)   


2024-05-17 15:34

manager   ~0051158

or do you want to change the vector for all the single letters by changing it on one letter?

that could theoretically (probably) be possible, but scribus is known for not being really good at applying formats to multiple items (sometimes it works, sometimes not)

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