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Summary0017232: (FR) Please provide official FlatPak for Scribus
DescriptionDear all,

there is a Scribus FlatPak <> available. Unfortunately, it is not officially maintained like others (e.g. Firefox FlatPak <>, LibreOffice FlatPak <> or digiKam FlatPak <>).

I would appreciate that very much. I expect high security as well as an up-to-date release (including all used libraries and such) of an official package.

Because one could counter that the examples of officially maintained FlatPaks mentioned above are not community driven (i.e. a single persons or just a few ones) but maintained by an organisation resp. a company, here are other examples:

    KeePassXC <> (community)
    Strawberry Music Player <> (solo)
    fre:ac <> (solo)
    FSearch <> (solo)
    Qalculate! (GTK UI) <> (solo)
    Metadata Cleaner <> (solo)

Thank you!
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