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0001743ScribusFontspublic2006-05-04 22:53
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0001743: italic and bold
Descriptionthrough a dialog one should be able to define which are the italic and bold variant of a font
Additional Informationif i know that "L Univers 45 Light" has the italic variant "LO
Univers 45 LightOblique" but nobody in the scribus team has ever
used that font i want to able to define it

As RingerC pointed out, Scribus with fontconfig should be able to determine that automatically in most cases, but i'd like scribus to let me manage *all* the cases!

... i think that it will happen much more often with asian fonts than with "our" languages :-)
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has duplicate 0007036 closed Additional combobox for fonts 


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