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0001752ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-01-29 22:33
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Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0001752: Use selected text in SE search/replace as the basis for the search field
Descriptionif any text is selected in the story editor and the function
search/replace is called, take that selected text as the basis for the search
Tagssearch, story editor, text frames, usability, workflow


related to 0002332 new Add regular expression capability to Search/Replace 
related to 0005189 confirmed [OBSOLETE] Story editor and Search/replace should be separated 
child of 0012755 new Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn) 



2005-03-05 15:29

reporter   ~0003878

I think searches and substitutions should allow the user to choose if he wants them to be global, i.e. they affect all the text frames of the document or of the page.
This is really useful to replace special characters like spaces next to quotes to non-break-spaces, or oe to œ. This is not so complex to implement, do it ? ;-)


2005-03-05 21:07

reporter   ~0003879

milan: While global S&R would be useful, you can do a lot of that at text import time using the get text plugin. You can even use regular expressions for more complex replacement tasks if you need to.


2005-05-25 05:03

reporter   ~0004770

Re the use of text selection, I agree that'd be very useful. So would "search only this frame" vs "search all frames" when not in story editor. It would be very important to have a GUI control for:

   - The current selection
   - The current frame
   - The whole document

(with "the current selection" on by default if there is a selection, and greyed out if there is not).


2005-05-25 08:52

reporter   ~0004771

Hmm... I think it might be possible to do this, and global S&R, in Python.


2006-02-21 13:57

reporter   ~0008847

Global S&R would make me happy. Sometimes you need to change something _after_ you have imported all texts. In my case I needed to change the model number of a device. Considering the document was a 100-page manual of the same device, there were lots of instances. Using a text editor does the trick, but is somewhat cumbersome. I wouldn't mind if global S&R was a plugin, script or wild magic, as long as it is there :)


2006-02-21 14:37

developer   ~0008848

Agree we need a better S/R capability.

To [Current frame] option we could add [Current linked frames] to Craig Ringer's options.

Also, a Super Search and Replace would allow to look for many strings "at once". Or a table of automatic substitution, à la Short Words. Readily editable, handy.


2006-02-21 15:03

administrator   ~0008851

This will be helped with the new text system in 1.3.4+ that will store the text for a text chain in one data structure rather than per frame.


2006-08-31 20:10

reporter   ~0012387

Last edited: 2007-01-18 10:28

And, I might add, if I search for a phrase in the text and find it, then close the search box, I will be brought back to the very beginning of that text, not even is the found text marked (as I think it should be). I have *almost* as much difficulty finding the occurence now as I had before the search :-(

IMHO: The text ought to be editable when the search box is open also. And the program ought to remember my position when I select something somewhere.


2006-09-01 01:03

reporter   ~0012391

addition: S&R doesn't find non-printing characters (spaces, tabs, new lines, etc).


2007-01-18 10:29

reporter   ~0014856

Last edited: 2015-09-25 18:56

See also 0005189


2015-09-25 18:56

updater   ~0036375

Reworded summary
lowered priority to normal since it's been open for years

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