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0001843ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-03-04 12:19
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Summary0001843: Spread only page view
DescriptionIt would be nice to have - as an option - the ability to view only one page spread at a time, as Pagemaker does (did?). I find the extra spreads a bit of a work inhibitor. :/
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related to 0006597 acknowledged Add multi-page-view 



2005-04-05 19:06

reporter   ~0004079

TomK32 on #scribus gave me this patch against cvs that makes it work in spread layout. Obviously, this isn't a toggle option but an off off. :)

Index: scribusview.cpp
RCS file: /cvs/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.76.2.149 scribusview.cpp
> if (nb->OwnPage > static_cast<int>(Doc->currentPage->PageNr))
> continue;
> if (b->OwnPage != static_cast<int>(Doc->currentPage->PageNr))
> continue;
< if (b->LayerNr != ll.LNr)
> if (b->OwnPage != static_cast<int>(Doc->currentPage->PageNr))
> continue;
> if (b->LayerNr != ll.LNr)


2005-12-10 20:24

reporter   ~0007690

Has anyone looked at this or is it considered a non-issue?


2005-12-11 02:00

reporter   ~0007698

I'm not sure I get it. Can you explain a little more what this would do and how it would benefit the user? How does the current mode inhibit your work?

Would a "fit view to page/spread" option work, or is this something that you want to actually restrict your work area when working even if zoomed in / panning around?


2005-12-11 07:02

reporter   ~0007704

I would like an option to work like Pagemaker, where if I'm working in a spread I see page 2 and page 3 as a right left pair no matter how far I zoom in or out.

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