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Summary0001905: separate alignment for last line of paragraph
DescriptionI'd like to see a feature that allows me to right-align the last line of a left-aligned paragraph.


Some poem line
And here comes a very, very
                  long line


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2005-04-22 08:22

reporter   ~0004358

This would also be useful for permitting users to force-justify the last line of a par if they wanted to.


2005-04-24 23:07

developer   ~0004392

1. This can be accomplished in current Scribus version.
Please see the uploaded file.
The Paragraph Style is set with a first line at -15 picas and a left indent at 15 picas. The result is just what you're looking for. Of course, it can be tweaked for all needs. This will relate closely to the text frame width.

Footnote : adding a tab to that will be helpful for bulleted lists (with the help of a font change).

2. The forced justification option can take care of the last line to be justified. Please use with care as this doesn't always end up with a nice result.

This feature could be improved by a new settings that would tell Scribus to force justify *within that ________ range*. This could also apply to left and right alignments to avoid a too much jagged edge. Maybe this is in the plans with better text handling (sorry, I didn't check).

2005-04-24 23:08


poems.png (88,731 bytes)
poems.png (88,731 bytes)


2006-08-31 21:01

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