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Summary0002144: PDF dialog needs to be clearer about PDF/X-3
DescriptionLots of people are using PDF/X-3 when they shouldn't be. In particular, they often use it when the printer actually wants a plain CMYK PDF. Since we generate RGB PDF/X-3 (IIRC there is also a CMYK variant or one is planned) this causes all sorts of fun.

Having the PDF/X-3 option clearly marked as RGB will help. If we can find a way to say "Only use PDF/X-3 if your printer explicitly said they wanted it" that's even better.


I think starting by renaming the output intents from "Screen" and "printer" to "Screen (RGB)", "Printer (CMYK)" and "Printer (Managed RGB)" is a good start. Sound reasonable?
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related to 0002145 closedplinnell change the tooltips to reflect CMYK > RGB conversion in PDF/X-3 
related to 0002731 acknowledged Scribus produces *HUGE* PDFs if colour is chosen as "Printer" 



2005-06-28 08:26

viewer   ~0005174

Yes, do it :)


2008-03-14 06:56

reporter   ~0019178

This one is a pain because for some reason Scribus uses GUI text in the file format quite directly.

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