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0002709ScribusGeneralpublic2006-05-08 16:36
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0002709: Implicit right tab on right hand margin
DescriptionIt would be useful to be able to turn on an implicit right justified tab on the right margin of a text frame. That way if the frame is resized the tab moves with it. This is a common feature in word processors (at least the ones I have used).
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2005-10-11 10:46

viewer   ~0007035

Please update. 1.2.1cvs is ancient has hs seen probably 600+ bugs fixed since then.


2006-05-08 13:24

developer   ~0011102

What I understand is that a right tab on the right margin (in Scribus case, the right hand boundary of the text frame) can really only be a right aligned tab. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to have a tab there. Quark is not smart on this and lets the user guess what the value is. So to get it from the app. we simply enter an waaay-out-of-range value to get the warning that tells us right away what the value is! This is stupid.

This could be made much simpler if the tab was set automagically to the correct value at the right extremity of the frame... and move to that extremity when the text frame is resized. Kind of any intelligent tab.

As always, we want to keep things clear and neat. I don't know if the option could be made like a check box in the Paragraph Style dialog. When checked, this right aligned self-adjusting tab is set. When unchecked, it disappears? It doesn't really hurt to have a tab there. If we use it, fine. If we don't, it has no effect.

That's how I understand it. It could be nice. But again, I think it's worth to have the whole picture. Features like that are tweaks and to what extent those tweaks can invade the GUI? I don't have the answer to that question.

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