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Summary0002900: Columns and rows
DescriptionI think it will be more useful to use columns on the whole document.
I am working (at job) with PageMaker, and I place - on new documents - margins and columns for the whole document, as a grid. Then I make an horizontal grid for horizontal spacing (equal of the character spacing) and that's all.



2005-12-05 16:14

reporter   ~0007639

I'm not really sure I understand how whole-document columns would work. I've only ever used very old versions of PageMaker. Do these columns affect text that's in text frames (and if so, how)? Does text go into the body of the document, or only into text frames?

A more detailed description would help.


2005-12-06 13:00

reporter   ~0007652

Last edited: 2005-12-06 13:01

Well, I do explain a little more.
I work with newspapers and magazines. The simplest I make with Scribus, others I can't.
My steps are: I create a new document, set margins, and then I select the number of columns (and spacing between) for the whole document. And I also put an horizontal grid, useful for text refer. The spacing of this grid is the same as the lines spacing of articles, so I can draw text boxes where I want and the text will be alligned by row. Then I apply the text boxes between the columns, and the photos too.
A solution maybe the one I wrote in the other post: make the base grid, the grey one, (I don't know how to call it in english, I use italian version...) with "snap". So I can create a document, leave just 1 column for text boxes, make columns with "guided grid" and use snap to columns (that works) and to "grey horizontal lines".


2005-12-06 19:59

administrator   ~0007653

I'm quite sure you can achieve your goals in Scribus already.

As for columns: use guides and let your frames snap to the guides. I'm doing this quite often.

As for the grid: You can create paragraph styles that allow you to either control line spacing or let the lines snap to the baseline grid which can be adjusted to your needs.


2005-12-06 21:58

reporter   ~0007654

That's ok for columns, I'm using guides to let frames snap to it. But with the baseline I can't achieve snapping. If I create a text box, I can't let it snap on the baseline (the grey ones...?)


2005-12-06 22:22

administrator   ~0007655

>>>If I create a text box, I can't let it snap on the baseline (the grey ones...?)

Of course you can't. The baseline is used for text, not for frames. If you want to snap frames, you can use guides (vertical and horizontal) or the page grid (green by default).

IMHO, separating grids and guides for objects and grid for text is the way to go and quite common in DTP apps. It is much more flexible than what you describe. And, to be honest, I still don't understand why can't achieve your goal with Scribus. It's very easy. Am I still missing something?


2019-03-21 08:38

manager   ~0046028

this can be closed. there is a different ticket asking for snapping to the baseline.

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