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0002974ScribusImport / Exportpublic2011-01-12 10:58
Reporterfabbe Assigned Tocbradney  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.3 
Summary0002974: Provide XML/(X)HTML export feature
DescriptionAn XML/(X)HTML export feature would be very useful. On export, an output template could be chosen by the user to control what the output will be like. Style information in a separate CSS file or embedded into the HTML.
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has duplicate 0006799 closedjghali Allow export to HTML 



2006-01-09 00:46

viewer   ~0007976

We do plan to add an HTML exporter in 1.3.x.


2008-02-25 15:33

reporter   ~0019081

Any idea what particular version this will be added to?


2008-02-25 16:03

administrator   ~0019082

1.3.6 or higher, once the text engine settles down.


2011-01-12 10:10

reporter   ~0025359

1.4.0svn released today. Are there any predictions about this feature?


2011-01-12 10:58

manager   ~0025361

afaict, this should be somehow possible in a near future... i'm trying to add styles accessors to the scripter: once this is done, it should be possible to export a .sla file to xml.

access to the style information will probably have to wait for the (planned...) move to a more css like formatting in scribus...

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