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Summary0003005: Preflight Verifier: Show warnings for images in Get Image dialog
DescriptionIt'd be useful for users to quickly select images, and to identify potentially problematic images, if certain warnings could be shown for images in the get image dialog.

Good examples are images with insufficient resolution, and images that'll require colour conversion when exported with the current PDF options.
Additional Information<ringerc> Colour conversion may also be applied
<bles> i hate color convertion
<ringerc> Almost all images must be converted in some way, except CMYK jpegs going into a CMYK PDF, or RGB jpegs going into an RGB PDF, where the file colour profile is the same as the destination profile or no colour management is in effect.
<bles> yes .. but i woindering who is the idiot who will import a rgb image :)
<ringerc> Well, it's kind of necessary. Managed conversions between different colour spaces as defined by profiles, for one thing. Also, it's necessary to convert color formats if the user asks us to put an RGB image in a pure CMYK PDF.
<ringerc> Most users don't even know there's a difference.
<bles> i have all color profiles disabled .. i want do deal with pure cmyk values .. i know the tint of 10% c or 45 % m .. so this way i more secure
<ringerc> Sure. You work as a printer, you're kind of an expert ;-)
<bles> he he he .. i' doing prepress and now printing for 10 yeas
<ringerc> Most users don't have that knowlege. Some professional DTP folks don't know much about it, even.
<ringerc> For them, we need to provide alternatives such as profile-based conversions.
<bles> yes .. but with WARNINGS :)
<ringerc> Also, you always need to convert some images at some stage. For example, your photographer probably doesn't shoot press-ready CMYK JPEGs...
<bles> scrbus must warn when somebody want to import ad rgb
<bles> for that is better to trust photoshop :)
<ringerc> I disagree. I think the user needs the option to have scribus warn them if it's going to do any conversion.
<ringerc> and that a warning is useful when colour management is in use and the user imports an untagged image.
<bles> yes may be
<ringerc> If you warn about everything, users who don't understand will ignore all warnings, even the truly important ones.
<ringerc> Most of this can be handled in the built-in preflight tool by giving users control over what should be considered a problem.
<bles> no ... i mean that we can turn wanning on in the prefs ... just in case ... if i try to import an rgb
<ringerc> Remember that 90% of users' reponse to a dialog box is "find the close box and click it"
<ringerc> Hmm... why a warning on import, rather than using the built-in preflight tool to inform the user?
<bles> ok but i have many cases when dealing with large catalogues for example when i import an rgb by erorr and then the output is horrible
<ringerc> Yes, and you need some way to catch that. My question is why we should do that with an import error/warning. Is that not what the preflight tool is for?
<bles> on import is an early stage .. on preflight is a liitle bit in the last minute .. nobody likes to make changes in the last 1-2 hours before separation
<ringerc> you can do a running preflight
<bles> ok ok .. this may be an option in the preferences .. turn on warnings for several situation on import
<ringerc> bles: try it. Open the preflight window, then start working. Note how it updates as you work to show possible problems.
<bles> low res images, rgb images ... broken / missing font in the eps ... etc .. etc ..
<ringerc> hmm, sounds like File->Document Setup->Preflight Verifier
<ringerc> :-P
<bles> ye sthis will be usefull to designers ...
<ringerc> though some more checks would be useful
<ringerc> I think the preflight tool is the right place for that, and error dialogs are absolutely the wrong place
<ringerc> hi mrdocs
<bles> if i'm a chef of the buro i will turn on some wannings and then i will be happy that all the staff is doing the job the same way
<mrdocs-w32> lo
<mrdocs-w32> yes i am in paris
<ringerc> bles: I'm not convinced. IF you turn on warnings, the staff who would ignore the preflight tool would also ignore the warning dialogs.
<ringerc> bles: What you want to do is set up the prefs so the prelight tool always shows up on screen, and tune what it shows appropriately.
<ringerc> I have painful experience with just how strongly conditioned most users are to automatically close dialog boxes without reading them.
* mrdocs-w32 nods
<ringerc> This is a staff training problem, not a user interface problem.
<bles> ok but if we have the warning in the get image dialog then we can choose images quickly ... with some browsing you will dicover for example that all the images in one location are not good for imporing in an printing document ...
<ringerc> aaah, now that makes sense
<jo-hannes> ringerc: got the file?
<ringerc> flagging potentially problematic images before import in the dialog preview
<bles> yes .. this is my idea ..
<ringerc> jo-hannes: loading up pitstop now
<jo-hannes> ringerc: great.
<ringerc> bles: OK, now I get it. The way you were talking it sounded like you wanted an error/warning dialog to appear if the user tried to import a potentially bad image.
<bles> with warning 0n the dialog wil show some extra info and icons :)
<ringerc> bles: That won't work. Having some indication in the image preview in the dialog might.
<ringerc> bles: Yes, that makes sense.
<ringerc> bles: No error dialogs, just more information in the normal dialog.
<bles> yes in the normal one!
<bles> no extra dialog boxes .. just info that the image selected does not meet your predefined criteria
<ringerc> OK. Mind popping a feature request for that on ?
<bles> ahtung baby this is an 72 dpi rgd jpg :)
<ringerc> hehe
<bles> pop it for me do not know how to deal with requests
<ringerc> basically, the image preview dialog should be able to show any warnings that would be produced by the preflight checker if the user went ahead and imported the image.
<ringerc> ok
<bles> yep .. several check boxes in pref dialog
<ringerc> I don't see why any prefs would be necessary at all
<bles> warn images below XXX dpi
<ringerc> just use the existing ones in the preflight checker
<bles> warn rgb input
<ringerc> and show the same warnings (where they make sense) in import dialogs
<bles> etc .. yep ..
<ringerc> Scribus has too many preferences already, the last thing we need is duplicates of existing ones
<bles> ok then a check in the dialog him self with test agianst profile xxx
<bles> then just seting for the prefligh profiles ... and assigning a profile when openning / importing stuff


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2006-01-15 08:12

administrator   ~0008103

Agreed that warnings are a good thing, but how should we get the output condition for the document when we are loading a picture? This is difficult as one can change this at every time.


2006-01-15 17:57

reporter   ~0008115

Indeed. If the document settings are used (as seen in the document settings dialog), they can be inherited from the global prefs, but still customised for the user. This will probably be right in the majority of cases.

The main problem is getting that setting configured. Most users won't change it, but will instead use the PDF export dialog.

At this point I'm not sure. Perhaps bles, whose suggestion this was, will have some suggestions.

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