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0003162ScribusNLSpublic2007-01-04 08:31
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Platformi386OSSuse Linux 10.0OS Version2.6.13
Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0003162: Not possible to enter asian characters with skim
DescriptionScribus is the only application on my desktop that doesn't accept Korean characters via skim (in the text blocks and text editor). When I select the right font, it will display Korean characters from imported text correctly, but typing it directly doesn't work.

I tried it with and without scim-qtimm, and several skim/qt options.
Steps To Reproduce(make sure you have skim installed (or any other input method, didn't try that)

1) Create a text block and enter edit mode
2) Switch to Korean input mode
3) Try to enter characters: not possible
Additional Informationskim version: 1.4.4, libscim 1.4.1, scim-qtimm 0.9.3
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2006-02-02 16:19

administrator   ~0008531

Scribus does not support the qt_immodule patch.

Try to configure SCIM to use the XIM protocol (see
and report here if that helped.

We've had several reports on IM problems and are still figuring out how to do IM correctly.
Most likely we'll tackle that only after our switch to Qt4, though.


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