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0003200ScribusStylespublic2006-05-02 13:04
ReporterTomK32 Assigned ToTsoots  
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003200: improvement for UI and bug in tabfill handling
Description1. First I'd suggest an additional input for user-defined tab-fill letters, the current input in the selection box is not that nice.

2. Second the tabfill seems to process the input given and makes "." out of ". ". I'd suggest not to touch the input in any ways.
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2006-02-08 14:56

developer   ~0008670

I agree.

Plus, being able to choose the font for the tab fill character would be a welcome option and AFAIK no other DTP app gives that choice to the user. It's always a 2-step operation : first select the tab fill character(s) then go back to your text, select the tab "line" and change the font.

Plus, allow users to set in any way type can be set the tab fill chars : typesize, baseline shift, color, tint, etc.

Plus, put all that stuff as part of the stylesheet.


2006-02-08 16:50

administrator   ~0008672

One could also think of a separate style for tabs, once character styles are available ...


2006-05-02 09:21

developer   ~0010775

christoph: Is the "character styles" request this one 0001212 or am I missing sth?


2006-05-02 13:04

administrator   ~0010780

Tsoots can fix this with the new style manager.

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