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0003407ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-04-05 19:37
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Summary0003407: New text import filter using start and end markers.
DescriptionI am creating a Songbook with Scribus. All the songs will be written in chordpro format, a standard for txt based song notation. The start of the chorus is marked with {soc} and the end of the chorus with {eoc}. A chorus can have multiple paragraphs so the import filter for "format paragraphs starting with [.]" isn't capable of formatting the file unless the chordpro standard isn't followed.

The easy solution for this is a new text import filter that goes something like this:

Apply 'paragraph style' 'chorus' to 'section starting with' '{soc} 'and ending with' '{eoc}
Steps To ReproduceChordpro formatted file:

[E]this is a [C#m]song
[B]And now we start [A]singing the chorus


[A]joy joy joy
[Bsus4]we are singing with [B]joy
Additional InformationIt probably can be used for lots and lots of other things. It makes work easier because you don't need to specify for every new paragraph you're typing the style.
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