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0003433ScribusGeneralpublic2006-04-30 10:43
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Summary0003433: Improvement to tabs
DescriptionCurrently, the use of tabs is somewhat limited. To continue tabs from page to page, one has to use

a) paragraph styles

b) copy pages

c) copy text frames with tabs

It would be good to have tabs as a page feature as well. These should be provided by

a) master pages/ yet to come page styles

b) page properties

c) document setup

To avoid confusion and unwanted tabbing, page based tabs could be switched on or off, just as baseline grid e. a.

As an enhancment to frame based tabs, a button in properties palette > text would be fine.
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2006-04-30 04:05

reporter   ~0010672

Last edited: 2006-04-30 04:06

While we're at it, add text input for tabs placement.

If it gets "so" "complex", how about having a tabs window like in InDesign (and Quark?) to manage them? (be it optional or not)

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