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0003556ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-04-21 19:07
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003556: duplicate on layer...
DescriptionAllow to duplicate an object on another layer, integrate with context menu (with move to layer) and/or multiple duplicate dialog (add destination layer option). Useful for quickly replicating some basic frame structure to use somewhere else.

Copy and paste works, but this way you could duplicate without having to go to the destination layer right away.
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related to 0003558 closedfschmid by layer mode in outline 
child of 0003838 acknowledged Metabug: Scribus layers 



2006-04-09 01:23

reporter   ~0009738

Duplicate on page... would be useful too.

A general framework could be:

Context menu/Item menu:

Duplicate on -> with the submenu:
   layer -> <list>
   next page
   previous page
   more options... leading to the multiple duplicate tool

plus, with the concept of dynamic block styles as in 0003578, we could add

   all layers as linked blocks converts to block style and puts on all layers
   all layers as one block creates block style containing object on all layers

(with much clearer wording for the last two :)

An additional option "move to current master page..." to make it appear on all related pages could perhaps be integrated with the current send to layer... option, and could bring up a dialog to set what aspects should be editable (once that's possible :)

Then the multiple duplicate tool could have range selectors for layers and/or pages on which to make the copi(es).

The summary for this bug would be more appropriate as "more duplicate options" or so now, if anyone wants to change it for me. :)


2006-04-21 18:33

developer   ~0010258

Reminder sent to: christoph_s, louisdesjardins

sounds interesting to me. Opinions?


2006-04-21 18:49

administrator   ~0010261

In connection with showing layers in the outline (355), the first part sounds good. I think it could be handled the same way as the current copying mechanism: left mouse button: move, right button: copy.

As for the idea with the context menu, this seems ok to me, but it is already a bit bloated. Also, having it in the doc outline might be enough. We don't need to have it too complicated.

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