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0003768ScribusUsabilitypublic2006-05-12 08:59
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Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003768: Use existing style-name when frame is copied, not "copy-of-stylename"
DescriptionWhen copying a text frame: Today,sometimes, a style "Copy of frame-text-style" is created.
I suggest use existing stylename, and if none with same name exists then copy paragraph style using original name.
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2006-05-08 18:14

developer   ~0011104

cannot confirm here, can you give me the exact steps that lead to the creation of "Copy of frame-text-style"? You could upload a test file with such a frame/style too.


2006-05-08 18:51

administrator   ~0011106

I suppose pingu is talking about copying a frame from one document to another, and he's right. Perhaps "name-of-style1" would be better.


2006-05-12 08:59

reporter   ~0011250

It always happens when copying from one document to another, when the same stylename exists in both documents but are not identical.
Maybe the best solution here would be a dialog asking what you want to do:
"Styles are not identical. Give new name or style to use instead."
or something like that.

However, it happens some other times too although I can't trigger it now. I just see in a document there are "Copy of somestyle" where somestyle is used only once. Here I defined it in one doc and copied the frame to another doc where the specific stylename was not in use. Maybe I deleted/copied the frame several times, I don't really know? But I do know the style is used _only_ once - it's specific to this ad.

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