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Summary0003783: interoperability with external file formats (e.g. SVG)
DescriptionWould it be remotely possible to save a scribus document to an external format, such as SVG, to make adjustments in an external program, while preserving scribus metadata that doesn't translate exactly so that it can be restored on reimport? For example, I thought I read on the Inkscape website that SVG allows extra data to be stored in separate namespaces (otherwise maybe even XML comments?) that wouldn't be parsed by a normal viewer. This could be done with any editable export file type supporting such extra metadata.

Of course this is a long-term idea that would depend on sufficiently stable import/export filters to make it actually usable.

Example: Say you create a pretty artistic frame layout in a more advanced drawing program, which you then import and convert to linked text frames in scribus. It would be nice to have a way to later change the design in the drawing program and update the existing scribus document without having to regenerate the whole thing manually. In this case neither linking to the external file using an image frame nor simply importing it natively as a one-time operation is sufficient.

Solution: To re-edit the frames, export as SVG, saving the text and linked chain structure as metadata so that it is not altered in the drawing program. Reimport into scribus (this could maybe even be automated) and the text is reflowed as needed in the new frames. [Note: with object styles the linked frames could be saved as a style and only that style would have to be exported, not the text contents, simplifying the output file.]
Additional InformationSee some related discussion in 0000393


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