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0003930ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-09-01 19:27
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PlatformWin32OSWindows 2000OS VersionService Pack 4
Product Version1.3.3.2cvs 
Target Version1.7 milestone 
Summary0003930: Automatic scrolling
DescriptionWhen I am typing in a text box, and the text reaches the bottom of the Scribus window, I think the view ought to scroll down so that I can continue typing without interruption. This is standard behavior for native Windows applications, and I've found it very convenient.
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related to 0002841 confirmed start a selection and try to go beyond the visible page. scribus does not automatically scroll up/down 
related to 0001569 closedavox Drag-scrolling while drawing, moving and resizing objects doesn't work 



2006-06-28 10:48

reporter   ~0011714

Makes sense to me. The scroll should probably jump a fair way given how expensive redraws are in Scribus at the moment.

peter: Think it needs a place on the roadmap?


2006-06-28 10:49

reporter   ~0011715

Reminder sent to: plinnell

Think this one needs a spot on the roadmap?


2006-07-01 22:11

reporter   ~0011738

ringerc: Yes, I think this is very important for user-friendliness. Thank you for your acknowledgement!

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