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0003949ScribusGeneralpublic2006-07-02 20:01
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Summary0003949: Session management for Scribus
DescriptionIt's not uncommon (at least for me) to work with several documents open in apps like Scribus, OOo, or GIMP. As consequence, it would be fine to be able to save and open a Scribus "session", i.e. restore all docs opened at a certain time.

It would be even better if sessions could be exported and imported.

Example: Opera
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2006-07-02 20:01

reporter   ~0011757

If this went in, under UNIX/X11 it'd probably want to obey the X session manager protocols so it could be saved and restored as part of a desktop session. I say "probably" because it looks like fewer WMs actually support it these days, so it'd need some checking to make sure there was any point.

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