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0004438ScribusPDFpublic2010-04-05 16:50
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Summary0004438: Text inside frame as clickable web link
DescriptionOption to make a piece of text in a scribus document (not the whole text frame but only selected text) a clickable web link in PDF. For example: "Go to webpage" where webpage is clickable PDF adnotation inside text frame.
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2006-10-22 10:54

manager   ~0013078

You can create a pdf link frame on top of your text or only part of it.


2006-10-22 11:10

viewer   ~0013079

Scribus already has this capabilty via PDF Annotations.

Please see:


2006-10-22 13:36

reporter   ~0013086

Last edited: 2006-10-22 13:37

Sorry but Scribus can't do that via PDF Annotations as far as I know. You can create text frame as web link but you can't set part of the text in text frame to be a web link like in Adobe InDesign (right click on selected text and set hyperlink). I read that pdf before.


2008-01-11 22:48

reporter   ~0018539

Last edited: 2008-01-11 22:50

Verified in SVN Trunk today. As a workaround I created a duplicate textfield object that I raise above the inline textfield I want as my eternal web link via PDF Annotation so that it aligns directly above the text. As a personal solution I color the text differently than the eventual hyperlinked text to remind myself that it is a link. I then export to PDF with the resulting PDF having the textfield below the hyperlink visible [The actual link works it just doesn't reveal the actual rendered colored text].

In my example: I've got a textObject that has 5 lines. The second line is the one I want to have a web address for an external link. I duplicate the textObject and then edit the Text resulting in only the field I want to turn into an external weblink. I align it directly over the desired duplicate and eventually rendered field. I give it a different color than my desired url as an editing reminder. The actual example had the desired link as an olive green while the pdf annotated external link hovering was purple.

It manages to store the external link in the pdf and ignores the text inside the textObject linked field. The resulting rectangle is a recorded/invisible rectangle over the desired/visible text.

It works, but it's ugly and something that obviously I see will get fixed for 1.4. I'd love to see this fixed in 1.3.5.

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