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0004466ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-11-01 10:39
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Summary0004466: Ability to save/load tagged texts (ease collaboration)
DescriptionWhile creating the layout with scribus, one does not want people to have to mess with the "layouted page" but just write/edit/check their texts. Further, one might need the texts outside scribus, so only having them in the "layouted page" is not satisfying.

A solution for this would be a stand-alone story-editor that can tag texts and of course scribus being able to use those files as sources.

As an example:
The layouter creates styles and assigns tags to each one of them, which can then be saved to style-templates. In their most basic version, they just contain the styles' names and tags.

An author who wants to contribute text to an issue, opens this style-template in a stand-alone story-editor. This editor can assign the given styles to characters/paragraphs and save the text tagged.

As a result the layouter that created the style-template used by the stand-alone story-editor can simply connect one of those source-files to a text-frame and re-load the source file every time it changed.

Currently, ligatures and special spaces are not handled automatically. Thus they would be lost on re-loading the source file, if the story-editor does not save them. However, ligatures should be handled automatically in the future anyway and special spaces can mostly be handled automatically too, except non-breaking spaces. The latter could be saved by the story-editor to overcome this issue.

Another benefit of this approach is that having source-files allows users to use those as source for their website, newsletter, atom-feed etc. without the need to manage several copies and commit every change to all of them seperately.
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