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0004584ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-11-24 08:09
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Summary0004584: Export complex gradients as bitmaps
DescriptionIt'd be useful if the PDF export dialog had an option to save complex gradients as bitmaps, since some devices have issues with those gradients. Using a bitmap instead, may help in this case.
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2006-11-21 18:58

administrator   ~0013501

What kind of devices for example?


2006-11-23 16:35

administrator   ~0013537

I remember having difficulties with a bubble jet, and I also recall people complaining on the mailing list or in another forum. This would only be an option for proofs, of course, not for offset printing.


2006-11-23 18:05

administrator   ~0013540

What kind of difficulties? What kind of bubble jet? Desktop? Proofer? References of messages? And i'd like to know what you call complex gradients...
Using bitmaps for gradients is far from a perfect solution. There is a potential issue with gradients when printing PostScript 3 file to PostScript level 2 device as gradients are a PostScript 3 feature and are emulated in PostScript level 1 and 2. Using bitmaps won't solve such errors. Using bitmaps may also trigger other issues related to printer memory.


2006-11-24 08:09

reporter   ~0013548

IIRC PS2 laser printers with insufficient RAM, such as the venerable HP 4 series, may have problems with complex gradients where jobs fail to print, or take literally hours.

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