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0005189ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-12-16 18:24
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Summary0005189: [OBSOLETE] Story editor and Search/replace should be separated
DescriptionIf I search for a phrase in the text and find it, then close the search box, I will be brought back to the very beginning of that text, not even is the found text marked (as I think it should be). I have *almost* as much difficulty finding the occurence now as I had before the search :-(

IMHO: The text ought to be editable when the search box is open also. And the program ought to remember my position when I select something somewhere.

How else am I supposed to edit some text I have searched for? I would find the above an really essential improvement, now searching for something is almost useless (unless there are methods that I am not aware of that solves this).
Steps To Reproduce1. Open the story editor
2. Open search/replace
3. Perform a search
4. Close the search box
Additional InformationThis was mentioned in bug 0001752
also, but since I got no feedback and this is still a problem in I file this as a separate


related to 0001752 assigned Use selected text in SE search/replace as the basis for the search field 
child of 0012755 new Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn) 



2007-01-18 16:22

reporter   ~0014867

This also measn that it ought to be possible to have more than one story editor open at the same time and also to have more than one search box (filling out all the different formats takes time), this opens up for a more creative use and lets me work on more than one task simultanously--I think that corresponds to usual human behaviour :-P
(I think they have even made tests that showed people working not just top->bottom thorugh their text, but shifting fokus back and forth, at least concerning translating that is :-)


2007-02-13 17:23

administrator   ~0015231

The search feature is actually completely useless, if not combined with replace.


2008-02-11 01:36

developer   ~0018949

Workflow: you sent a hard copy of your document to a proofreader. The copy is returned to you and you now must enter those corrections in the Scribus file.

You can
a) Search visually for the next correction to make or
b) Perform a simple Search to get there quickly, have your cursor placed automatically at this occurrence and enter your correction. Repeat b) for each corrections.

No matter how many corrections there are on the hard copy, the Search alone will save you lots of time and effort. For small typos, you can of course add something in the Replace field. For more complex corrections, at least you're in the right spot in seconds.


2019-12-16 18:24

manager   ~0047280

afaict, this is solved in the current SE.

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