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0005234ScribusUser Interfacepublic2007-02-15 18:34
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Summary0005234: map names of spot colours in the pdf export dialog
DescriptionQuite often, certain spot colors are used eg. for logos etc. The NAME of those spot colors is crucial for the printer to select eg. the correct pantone color.

Within "my" organization however, those spot colors have a different "name". Let it be "my itzi-bitzi logo color". Most of the people (secretaries, I'm sorry) don't know anything about pantone et al.

So it would be nice to have the "itzi-bitzi logo color" in the palette, while the preprint export would name the color eg. "pantone 356".
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2007-02-15 18:28

administrator   ~0015246

You only refer to spot colours, right?


2007-02-15 18:32

reporter   ~0015247

Yes. The situation where swatch "names" have a special meaning (to the printer) is limited to spot colors, as far as I see...

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