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0005357ScribusImport / Exportpublic2007-02-18 04:17
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0005357: improve visibility of get text->text filters feature :)
DescriptionThe cool text filter dialog of the text importer only appears if you select "text filters" from the "importer" combobox in the get text dialog, which it's very easy not to think of doing. :) I only found it because I'd read that there was such a feature in the mailing list.

It would be nice if it were made more prominent, preferably a separate "use filter..." button in the dialog or something. At the very least, even putting an ellipsis ("text filters...") in the current list might give users a clue that there's something more....
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has duplicate 0005358 closedjghali improve visibility of get text->text filters feature :) 


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