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0005367ScribusImport / Exportpublic2007-02-19 04:35
Reportermkoren Assigned To 
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Platformx86OSDebian LinuxOS VersionSarge/Etch
Product Version1.3.3.6 
Summary0005367: text import filters behave strangely when applying styles to a few paragraphs
DescriptionText import is messed up when applying styles to only some paragraphs. See the first two frames in the attached doc. I imported this file:


first applying style "New Style" to paragraphs starting with 'b' (first frame in doc), then to those starting with '*' (second frame). Applying the style to all paragraphs (third frame) works as expected. The problems in the first two cases are:

- the lines _after_ the styled paragraphs get a fill color of "none," meaning they're invisible,
- the styled lines don't really get styled properly (smaller text) unless they're at the beginning of the frame ("bob" in the first frame), and
- there's something else weird about linespacing that I can't pin down. I colorized the invisible text in the second attached doc so you can see this part.
Steps To Reproduce- Import the file dumped above; apply "New Style" to paras. starting with 'b' without removing match
- Repeat matching '*'
-> wrong formatting
Additional InformationThis does _not_ happen if you first apply another style to all paras and then selectively change a few with the next filter line.
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2007-02-19 04:34


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